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This line of Leipers was from a well known breeder. Through careful mating and culling this bird has kept it's alertness and keen.
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Learn the history of the Blueface Hatch gamefowl game fowl on this page.
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All Fowl are Sold For Breeding and SHow Purposes Only. All fowl are Bred FOr Power, Accuracy, And Overall Ability and Conformation.
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No Better Fowl in the World Today Home of the Original Yellow Leg, Pea Comb Hatch World Class Fowl Bred PURE Since 1936 Welcome!
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Main Forums > Chicken Talk. Cockmates, What Can You Say About Rat's Leipers, I Am Intrigue With This Line Because. when they fight they have two styles one they.
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These fowl came from Mr. Carl Smith of Lafayette AL; he’s had them for many years. They come medium to dark red, high station, pea combed, and green legged (with a.
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Main Forums > Chicken Talk. What should i put over my johnny mitchell leiper. thanks n advance.. I would put an steel Asil over them. Have a nice day.. How.
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Nuestras dos lineas de Hatch. jajaja, ahora resulta que con un video puedes decir si estan gordos o flacos? por favor amigo e visto tus comentarios que.